Personalised Care Toolkit: Self-Management

Personalised Care Toolkit: Self-Management

Supporting self-management is a continuous activity from diagnosis onwards and should be tailored to the individual and the different milestones in their life such as having a family or starting a new job or school.

Supporting people with IBD to self-manage can describe a number of activities from giving patient packs on diagnosis to developing personalised flare plans, and from providing information to supplementing conversations or learning opportunities through regular education days or structured courses.

You could consider if your patients could benefit from:

  • a structured education course - you may want to explore what is offered locally and how your service is able to refer into these programmes
  • education days run by your IBD service
  • tools - both digital and/or paper- that allow individuals to record and track their symptoms and how they are feeling.
  • additional information about their condition and how to manage day to day
  • Peer support - see what charity events and support are available


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