Personalised care template and tools

Personalised care template and tools

A number of templates and tools have been produced to help you give personalised care

Flare card

When an IBD patient is having a flare-up, it’s essential for them to understand what they can do to help themselves. Self-management gives them an active role in their healthcare, empowering them to take more control of their condition and is part of a broader shift in health towards shared responsibility.

In Scotland, Crohn’s & Colitis UK has partnered with the Scottish Government Modern Outpatient Programme and a working group of patients and healthcare professionals to co-produce a patient flare card. It helps people to recognise signs of a flare, gives simple steps to follow during a suspected flare, includes information on dose escalation for 5-ASAs, and prompts patients to ask their GP to test for faecal biomarkers. It also advises patients about medications that should not be stopped or altered without discussion with the IBD team .

For those not in Scotland, this information is freely available on the Crohn's & Colitis UK website at

Individual Care Plan

This collaboration has also co-produced an Individual Care Plan which is designed to help people with IBD prepare for their clinical appointments by giving prompts and questions that focus on what matters most to them and assists clinicians to initiate person-centred conversations about aspects of daily living and emotional wellbeing during consultations.

The next stages of the Care Plan Project will see the template being finalised, tested in practice in 2 test of change sites and then offered to IBD teams working in all Health Boards across Scotland. Planning is also underway to digitise the template to support online communications between patients and clinicians.

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