Personalised Care Toolkit: Lifestyle and Healthy Living

Personalised Care Toolkit: Lifestyle and Healthy Living

Good quality IBD care is holistic and preventative. It takes into account the importance of promoting healthy living and lifestyles.

You may want to consider whether the person with IBD that you are caring for could benefit from:

  • Social prescribing of exercise or outside activity that gets them moving more?
  • Referral to a smoking cessation service.
  • Referral to a dietician e.g., for healthy eating or weight reduction advice
  • Prescribing a digital app or book to learn more about mindfulness, promote mental well-being or managing stress e.g., Headspace or CALM
  • Referral to your service's mental health lead or psychiatric liaison service, or local NHS or voluntary sector mental health and counselling services for anxiety and depression -either to treat presenting issues or as a preventative measure
  • Providing information in written form throughout their journey, starting at diagnosis in the form of a patient pack


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