Personalised Care Toolkit: Managing Common Symptoms

Personalised Care Toolkit: Managing Common Symptoms

The symptoms of Crohn's and Colitis can reduce quality of life and well-being. Personalised care is about giving people with Crohn's and Colitis the information, skills and confidence to manage symptoms of their Inflammatory Bowel Disease and live as well as possible.

This could be helping them to manage bloating, supporting them with fatigue, or signposting them to a 'can't wait card' to help them when they need the toilet urgently when they are out and about. You may want to consider whether the person with IBD that you are caring for could benefit from:

  • Information in written form throughout their journey, starting at diagnosis in the form of a patient pack
  • Assessment of their fatigue levels
  • Referral to a dietician
  • Testing for Coeliac Disease
  • Assessment of pain or a referral to a pain specialist
  • Referral to mental health or psychiatric liaison service, or local NHS or voluntary sector mental health and counselling services for anxiety and depression -either to treat presenting issues or as a preventative measure


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