IBD Benchmarking Tool

IBD Benchmarking Tool

The IBD Benchmarking Tool was designed to assess how well services are performing against the IBD Standards, highlighting excellent care and helping services to plan improvements.

It includes a Service Self-Assessment, completed by individual IBD services, and the IBD Patient Survey, completed by people with IBD using each service. The data helps us to understand the different perceptions of services and their patients.

The diagram below shows how the IBD Benchmarking Tool fits into our aim to ensure that everyone with IBD has consistent, safe, high-quality personalised care, whatever their age and wherever they live in the UK.

The benchmarking exercise was developed to encourage healthcare services to recognise what they are doing well and identify where they need to improve. As well as working in partnership with patients to plan and design the service.

Over 10,000 patients in 99% of IBD services across the UK completed the IBD Patient Survey and 72% of IBD services completed the Service Self-Assessment in 2019/20. The combination of patient views and comparison against the IBD Standards provides a powerful and unique opportunity to push up standards of care for everyone with IBD.