Patient engagement

Patient engagement

Statement 1.7

Patients and parents/carers should have a voice and direct involvement in the development of the service.

Why is it important?

People with IBD are experts in their own condition.

Giving people living with IBD a voice and active role in the planning, development, delivery and review of their healthcare services will support and empower them to live well with their condition. It will create improved services and better patient outcomes.

Putting people living with IBD at the centre of decision-making is already working. We’ve seen that bringing together healthcare professionals and patients is the most effective way to provide high-quality, sustainable health services.

That’s why IBD UK have developed the IBD Patient Survey to understand the national and local picture within IBD care – and target the right improvements.

Further information

I’ve been attending the Royal Free Hospital as a patient for many years and it’s great to be a part of this process. Our main focus has been communication with patients. There is a lot of help available, but patients didn’t always know how to get it. Our panel views it as a partnership which gives us the opportunity to make suggestions about practical ways to improve patient care.

Jeffrey Goodwin, IBD patient panel member