Electronic clinical management

Electronic clinical management

Statement 1.8

All patients with confirmed IBD should be recorded in an electronic clinical management system and data provided to UK IBD Registry.

Why is this important?

How can technology support and enable efficient, cost-effective and high quality, person-centred care? The answer lies in electronic clinical management systems, which systematically collect data at the point of contact with patients.

For patients, this means not having to repeat their relevant details and medical history. And this, in turn, enables greater continuity of care from a safe and more responsive service, and the use of virtual clinics and monitoring.

For clinicians, it means accessing shared, current information at the point of care to inform treatment decisions.

We know that better local data, collected electronically, helps teams to manage their IBD service more effectively. By collecting data at the point of patient contact, we can run continuous and high-quality prospective audits of all aspects of clinical care – and benchmark against UK, local and regional data.

A portal or registry is music to my ears. Having all patients’ information downloaded into one system that’s accessible by medical practitioners at the click of a button would greatly help my care, as it would other patients.

Roz, patient with Colitis