The IBD Patient Survey 2023 is now open

The IBD Patient Survey 2023 is now open

Take the IBD Patient Survey now

We need everyone living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) to tell us their experiences of treatment and care to establish the first accurate picture of IBD care and treatment in the UK since before the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first step to improving IBD services.

Have your say anonymously on whether your care and treatment for IBD is personalised, high quality, safe, and consistent. Help to reveal the first true picture of IBD care and treatment in the UK since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The IBD Patient Survey is a way to have your say

By anonymously sharing your experiences, you are helping provide a comprehensive picture of the state of IBD care in the UK as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is time for you to have your voice heard about your experience of whether standards are being met for consistent, safe and high-quality care for IBD patients in the UK.

Healthcare professionals are encouraging people with IBD to complete the 2023 patient survey

IBD Services will be playing their part by encouraging people living with IBD to complete the survey, and the IBD Services themselves will complete the Service Survey from June 2023 onwards, so you may have been signposted here by a healthcare professional.

Both surveys are part of the IBD Benchmarking Tool, which assesses how well services are doing against the IBD Standards.

The survey questions were developed through extensive consultation with people affected by IBD and with IBD UK board members.

The 2019 IBD Patient Survey

The 2019 IBD Patient Survey was open from 8 July 2019 to 22 November 2019. 10,222 people with IBD across the UK completed the IBD Patient Survey – 9,757 adult responses and 465 paediatric responses – covering 99% of IBD services across the UK.

How my survey data will be used

Your data will be held safely and securely by the IBD Registry, who are collecting the anonymous survey responses on behalf of IBD UK. Find out more here.

Who are IBD UK?

IBD UK are a partnership of 17 professional organisations and charities representing people with IBD, working together to improve care and treatment for everyone affected by IBD.

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