IBD Patient Survey

IBD Patient Survey

As part of the IBD Benchmarking Tool the IBD Patient Survey questions are based on the IBD Standards. The survey questions were further developed through extensive consultation with people affected by IBD and with IBD UK board members.

The 2019 IBD Patient Survey was open from 8 July 2019 to 22 November 2019. 10,222 people with IBD across the UK completed the IBD Patient Survey – 9,757 adult responses and 465 paediatric responses – covering 99% of IBD services across the UK.

Thank you for all the support - by sharing experiences from the IBD Patient Survey we have been able to highlight what individual hospitals are doing well, and how they could improve care for the future.

IBD may be invisible, but we the patients are not

Melissa Fletcher, patient

IBD Services are also doing their part to improve care across the UK as part of the IBD Benchmarking Tool, and over 70% of hospitals completed the Service Self-Assessment. Their results are presented in the local reports, alongside IBD Patient Survey responses, to provide an overall picture of care.