Transition to adult services

Transition to adult services

Statement 1.3

Protocols should be in place which clearly define the local transition service and the personnel responsible.

Why is it important?

Moving between paediatric and adult care (transition) can be a difficult time for young people.

That’s why it’s so essential for healthcare providers to have a clear protocol in place. Without one, patients can face worse clinical outcomes. With one, they, their families and clinicians all benefit – through stronger patient engagement and greater control over their condition.

Transition is an individual experience, and one that requires shared decision-making and flexible timings. By planning for transition – and involving key named personnel and joint clinics – healthcare professionals can improve the way they manage this critical event for young people with IBD.


I felt a bit out of place in the kids’ clinic. I felt like I am this 17-year-old giant compared to them, with a beard and everything

Andy, age 17, diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2015