Key dates: raising awareness of your results with the media

The key stages for IBD Benchmarking are shown below. You may wish to plan external communications activity for implementation at the earliest possible stage, as the coverage you achieve can help to engage internal stakeholders to help with further improvements to the service.

Wednesday 11th March: reports available

  • The Results Overview and Patient Survey Reports will be publicly available on the IBD UK website (but not publicised widely)
  • Your Service Deep Dive Report and Visual Dashboard will be available to you via your IBD Benchmarking Tool link

Wednesday 18th March: reports publicised

  • We will be publicising the release of reports via a letter to CEOs and an email to patients

February 2021: national report release

  • We will be publicising the release of the national report – analysing the results for the entire UK
  • While this provides an opportunity to conduct further communications activity, we encourage you to begin communicating the results for your hospital from 18th March onwards

In addition to the toolkit materials available, you may also want to direct journalists to the Crohn’s & Colitis UK website for more background information on these conditions: