Service Communications Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help you to share your service’s results from the IBD UK Benchmarking 2023 with your stakeholders, including hospital press teams.

This toolkit provides all you need to communicate your service’s results from the IBD Benchmarking 2023, which assesses how well services across the UK are providing care against the 2019 IBD Standards. This includes the Service Survey completed by your IBD team and the results of an IBD Patient Survey completed by those using your IBD service.

The information in this toolkit will help you to communicate about the IBD Standards and your results to patients, healthcare colleagues within your hospital, hospital management and the local population.

The toolkit will help you deliver:

External communications

  • sharing results with patients
  • providing content for your social media platforms and stakeholder newsletters
  • equipping you to respond to questions and queries

Internal communications

  • sharing your results with NHS leaders, managers, clinical champions and colleagues
  • gaining support from these key stakeholders and others
  • delivering on Quality Improvement
  • engaging in future IBD Benchmarking