Service Self-Assessment

Service Self-Assessment

As part of the IBD Benchmarking Tool, the Service Self-Assessment questions are based on the IBD Standards.

The 2019/20 Service Self-Assessment was open from 1 October 2019 to 31 January 2020. 166 IBD services across the UK (72% of all IBD services) completed the Service Self-Assessment. This includes 134 adult and 32 paediatric IBD services. In England 132 services completed the Service-Self Assessment (74% of services); 13 in Wales (76%); 14 in Scotland (64%); and 7 in Northern Ireland (64%).

For all services that submitted a service self-assessment, you can access all reports & free text comments from the IBD Patient Survey via your Benchmarking Tool log-in (please note there is only be one registered contact per service). You’ll be able to assess how your service is doing against the IBD Standards compared to:

  • The UK average
  • The country specific average
  • The experience of patients using your service
  • Your service’s previous results (when available)

If you need to request a new log-in for the Benchmarking Tool, or to find out who your registered contact is, please send us an email.

For guidance on your results and how to communicate them, please see our Service Communications Toolkit.