Rapid access to critical care

Rapid access to critical care

Statement 6.3

Inpatients with IBD must have 24-hour rapid access to critical care services if needed.

Why is it important?

People with IBD who are admitted to hospital for a flare or surgery may not respond appropriately to treatment, their condition may deteriorate, or they could experience complications following complex surgery. That’s why it’s essential for them to be closely monitored by appropriate specialists working together.

As changes can arise quickly and be serious, it’s also important for patients to have full and rapid access to intensive care services on the hospital site at all times. And when someone has been transferred to another hospital to receive the right level of specialist care, families must be informed.

I was transferred to another hospital and rushed into theatre to have emergency surgery. But my family weren’t told, and they were so worried when they came to the ward and saw an empty bed.

Patient survey respondent