Sunderland Royal Hospital (Paediatric service)

How well is your IBD service performing against the 2019 IBD Standards?

The Results Overview report shows the results for this service from the IBD Benchmarking Tool 2019/2020.

This includes information from both the IBD Service Self-Assessment (completed by hospitals), and the IBD Patient Survey. The Results Overview report follows the patient journey from first symptoms to treatment and ongoing care, mirroring the 2019 IBD Standards. The key in the report shows which results are from the IBD Service Self-Assessment and which are from the IBD Patient Survey.

[Unfortunately, the IBD Service Self-Assessment for this hospital has not been completed this time, therefore a report is not available for this service.]

The Patient Survey report shows the results for this service from the IBD Patient Survey 2019.

The Patient Survey Report provides a more detailed look at the IBD Patient Survey responses across the patient journey.

[Unfortunately, due to less than 5 patients responding to the IBD Patient Survey 2019 for this hospital, there is no Patient Survey report available.]