What is personalised IBD care and support?

The overall goal of personalised or person-centred care is to help the person with Crohn’s or Colitis to live as well possible and thrive, regardless of their long-term condition, and not just achieve medical remission.

Personalised care for people living with Crohn’s and Colitis is :

  • Personal: It focuses on what matters to them, rather than what’s the matter with them.
  • Holistic: It recognises that a person with IBD is more than just a diagnosis, and instead addresses their physical, emotional well-being and social care needs together as one. 
  • Involves shared decision making: It actively involves them in decisions about their care. For example, in decisions about medications or surgical interventions.
  • Supports self-management: It empowers individuals to take an active role in their care by giving them the information, skills and confidence to self-manage and live as well as possible.
  • Equal: It treats people with IBD as an equal partner in decisions about their care, not doing things to them but with them.
  • Co-ordinated: It delivers good joined-up care, where information and decisions are shared in a timely manner and include everyone involved in the person’s care.

Personalised or person-centred care should be given to every patient you care for and not just those with the most confidence, skills and knowledge to manage their own care. The challenge of personalised care is to bring everyone on this journey and have strategies in place to reach marginalised groups or those who don’t usually engage in their care.