The IBD Directory: Employment, Education and Benefits

The IBD Directory: Employment, Education and Benefits

IBD can have an effect on a person's ability to work or remain in education or training. It can also have an impact on their career aspirations and how they progress within their career or future retirement plans.

You may want to consider whether the person with IBD that you are caring for could benefit from:

  • advice and support on how to talk to their employers about their IBD or encouragement to ask for reasonable adjustments at work.
  • identifying what services are offered locally for housing or benefits support and regularly signposting or referring to these services.

Crohn's & Colitis UK Information Leaflets

Crohn's & Colitis UK provide a range of written information on a variety of topics related to employment, education and benefits such as:

  • finances
  • claiming DLA for children under 16
  • employers
  • employees
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