Ideas for headlines

The best way to make the most of your service’s IBD Benchmarking Tool results is to review your hospital’s reports so you understand the data and can find headlines and story angles from the statistics that stand out the most.

Of course, these headlines are important for sharing results with the media but can also help capture the attention of colleagues and patients in other communications activities.

While we recommend that you lead with the good news and the areas you have excelled in, it is important to be transparent and give a message about continued improvement and areas that the service needs to focus on as well.

Headline / story angle

Where you can find the data

IBD service achieves impressive 'quality of care' score – say local patients

Results Overview

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Waiting times and ‘quick response’ IBD service applauded by patients

IBD Patient Survey Report

Q1.1, Q1.2, Q2.7, Q3.2, Q3.3, Q3.4, Q4.5, Q5.3

Access to specialist and holistic care praised by new patient survey

IBD Patient Survey Report

Q2.1, Q2.2, Q4.3, Q4.7, Q5.4, Q5.6, Q5.9, Q5.10, Q5.11, Q5.12, Q6.1, Q6.3

Patients applaud information provided by local IBD service

IBD Patient Survey Report

Q1.4, Q2.3, Q2.4, Q2.6, Q2.8, Q4.6, Q4.8, Q5.1, Q5.5, Q5.7, Q5.13, Q5.14

IBD services scores highly on patient-centred care

IBD Patient Survey Report

Q2.5, Q5.8

IBD patients praise well-coordinated care between GP and hospital gastroenterologist

IBD Patient Survey Report