A guide to your IBD Benchmarking Tool reports

There are three types of reports you may receive as a result of your participation in the IBD Benchmarking Tool.

  1. Results Overview: an overview of the Service Self-Assessment and IBD Patient Survey responses across the patient pathway for your service - the key in the report shows which results are from the IBD Service Self-Assessment and which are from the IBD Patient Survey
  2. Patient Survey Report: a detailed report of the IBD Patient Survey responses for your service
  3. Service Deep Dive Report: a comprehensive report including:
    1. All responses from your self-assessment, with grading achieved and related IBD Patient Survey results
    2. How your service performance compares to the UK and UK country average
    3. Ideas for next steps and Quality Improvement

The Results Overview and Patient Survey Reports are public and will be published on the IBD UK website. Your individual Service Deep Dive Report will only be available to you via your IBD Benchmarking Tool link to log-in and view online, together with your Visual Dashboard.

Please note: you will only receive Results Overview and Service Deep Dive Reports if you completed the Service Self-Assessment; and a Patient Survey Report will only be produced where more than five patients from your service responded to the IBD Patient Survey.

Using the IBD Benchmarking Tool online

  • You will be provided with a reminder of your link to access the tool
  • You will be able to view your Service Deep Dive Report, via the "Reports" tab
  • You can also see a visual dashboard showing your service’s results grouped into four domains: Access, Patient Empowerment, Quality and Coordinated Care
  • This enables you to make side-by-side overview comparisons with your service’s IBD Patient Survey results, the UK country average and UK average
  • This function is available via the “Results” and “Comparison” tabs

Questions & Answers

This Q&A provides you with some suggested answers to questions you might be asked about the IBD Standards and Benchmarking, whether from the media, a key stakeholder, NHS leaders and managers, or a patient.