Hints & Tips

Wondering where to start with the IBD Benchmarking self-assessment?

Read our 7 hints and tips below on how best to approach this.

1. Get the team involved

The value of this process is in getting together to look at the service and committing to making changes as a result. Share the presentation about the IBD Standards and the benchmarking guidance document with your colleagues so that everyone can start thinking about this.

2. Fix a date for the self-assessment meeting

It’s good to get this into the diary as soon as possible, you should allow 2-3 hours to go through the online questionnaire. Ideally, at least a gastroenterologist, IBD nurse specialist, manager and patient/s should be at the meeting. Input will also be needed from surgical, dietetic, pharmacy and other colleagues.

3. Check you can log-in as soon as possible

In case of any issues with your hospital’s IT system, check the link in your email works for you and email info@ibduk.org if you have any problems with this. You can log back in as often as you like. Please note, the link may take up to 24 hours to come through and some IT systems have prevented our emails being delivered, please contact us directly if you do not receive your link.

4. Collect data in advance

There are some questions which relate to numbers of patients covered by the service and timescales for treatment which it would help to collect before the meeting, or these can be added afterwards. You can complete the assessment in any order and will be able to view progress from the ‘Summary’ tab on the menu bar at the top of the screen and easily move from there to any sections that are not complete.

5. Be honest

The assessment will identify where the service is doing particularly well as well as highlighting areas for improvement. Most services are expected to get a range of grades across different areas. Getting the most from this process will depend on being honest in your answers to the questions. There is a space to record any comments at the end of each section – you can enter these at any time from the menu list on the left of the screen.

6. Submit your assessment as soon as you can

The tool will close on 15th January, but you should aim to submit your assessment well before this to give enough time for any additional input and/or review from the wider team and ensure this is not rushed.

7. Contact info@ibduk.org if you have any queries

We will do our best to come back to you quickly and help with any questions you may have.